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The winter road

The winter road is a unique road, the operation of which is possible only in winter conditions, at subzero temperatures. Winter roads are widespread in Siberia, the Far North regions, marshy regions, areas where there are no passages or bridges over streams, rivers, and in other difficult-to-reach conditions.

Often winter roads are used to deliver goods and equipment to oil and gas fields located in remote locations, where the main delivery of goods and materials can be carried out only in winter. Barrus Projects has many years of experience in carrying out project deliveries through winter roads to various locations of our clients, located in the regions of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region, and Eastern Siberia. Based on the indicated requirements of the customer, the volume of cargo for mobilization, and the characteristics of the region, we select vehicles that meet all the requirements of the route.

Accidents or vehicle breakdowns on winter roads are a serious incident that in the absence of help and coordination can lead to the loss of the vehicle, as well as a threat to the health and life of the driver. Understanding the severity of such incidents, Barrus Projects pays great attention to safety.

Driving on a winter road, especially with difficult terrain, requires special training, both for the vehicle and the drivers. Driving in difficult road conditions is already a serious test in itself, namely extreme weather conditions with severe frosts, winds, snowfalls, and a complete lack of communication for hundreds of kilometers.

That is why our company, before the implementation of such project, makes sure that all drivers undergo the necessary training, and that the vehicles are equipped to work on the project. As a result, field surveys are carried out, where our specialists assess the level of preparation of the vehicle and drivers for performing trips on the winter road. To prevent incidents, we have developed special instructions for drivers and the coordination group of Barrus Projects, which will be able to promptly respond to the incident, provide assistance and inform the client.

The accumulated experience allows us to work out the optimal logistic delivery scheme, taking into account the climatic characteristics of the region, the mentality, peculiarities of the work and maintenance of the winter park and well pads.