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The 2nd stage of equipment transportation for the construction of a hydroisodewaxing unit at the Omsk refinery is completed

The second stage of the project for the delivery of equipment from Yekaterinburg to the Omsk refinery for the construction of a hydroisodewaxing unit for hydrocracking residue to obtain base oils of groups II and III is successfully completed.

The main OOGs delivered from Yekaterinburg were:
– Reactor of hydroisoparaffinization R-2: 28400 x 4402 x 3670 mm / 233.7 t;
– Hydrofinishing reactor R-3: 20141 x 4435 x 3460 mm / 127.4 t;
– Stripping column of the T-1 hydrotreatment reactor: 28766 x 3360 x 3777 mm / 135 t.

The cargoes were delivered from the manufacturing plant in Yekaterinburg to Omsk by rail. For transportation, special flange plugs were made and the configuration of the lifting lugs was changed. This allowed us to carry out rail transportation without oversized dimensions and associated delays and additional costs.

We prepared drawings for the placement and fastening of cargo on railway transporters, got approval from the special transportation department of Russian Railways and the Office of the Sverdlovsk Railway, ordered scarce railway transporters for loading (240-ton 16-axle and 170 ton 12-axle), prepared cover cars with control frames.

Thanks to close work with Russian Railways, the transportation of each cargo from Yekaterinburg to Omsk took no more than two days. In Omsk, at a specially prepared site by the specialists of Barrus Projects, the cargo was unloaded from railway transporters and delivered to the construction site of the Omsk Refinery using our transport equipment.

We are grateful to our team of Barrus Projects for the professional implementation of unique tasks within the framework of this project.