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International Wind Energy Forum RAWIFORUM 2022

On December 8-9, the Cosmos Pavilion at VDNKh hosted the annual forum dedicated to wind energy issues. The forum participants included Barrus Projects, as well as leaders of the wind energy sector, representatives of ministries and departments, experts and heads of public and intergovernmental organizations, representatives of the business community and mass media. During the forum, trends in the renewable energy market, design and construction of wind farms, implemented projects and transportation of equipment for the wind energy industry were discussed.

Summarizing the results of the forum, Valery Smolyaninov, Head of the Project Implementation Department at Barrus Projects, shared his expert opinion and told how the sanctions policy affected the wind energy market and the company's work in this industry.

According to Valery, the main problem in the market is the lack of fleet for the delivery of oversized equipment and the quality of services of shipowners, as the main pool of large shipowners from Europe has left the Russian market. At the moment Barrus Projects is cooperating with those ship owners who are ready to work on market and is expanding cooperation with the Russian fleet.

The company's near-term prospects in the wind energy market are associated with work under a service contract for the maintenance of already built wind farms. “We are currently working on possible logistics solutions for a large customer to implement projects outside Russia and are convinced of their success,” Valery concluded.

The Barrus Projects team is forever grateful for the event and pleased to be able to take an active part in the development of the wind energy sector!