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Barrus Projects performed a helicopter transportation

The Kshukskoye field (GCF) is located on the west coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, in the Sobolevsky District. A typhoon in early October destroyed a bridge over the Pymta River on the only road leading to the gas condensate field.

Barrus Projects carried out helicopter transportation to deliver the cargo to the Kshukskoye field by order of TNG Group LLC, a leading Russian oilfield services company.

Air transportation was carried out using a MI-8T helicopter along the route Yelizovo Airport – Kshukskoye field, oil well #71, Kamchatka Territory, and in the opposite direction. Three flights were made on this route and cargo (equipment and spare parts for oil and gas industry, as well as food for shift workers at the field) was transported, with a total weight of 10.5 tons of cargo.

We thank our colleagues for the quality work and implementation of non-standard solutions!